Welcome to Glitch's Official Site, we provide alot of free cheats for minecraft all you have to do to gain access to our download page is to be verified in our discord. More about that down below

How to verify

We got a indepth tutorial down below, but basically all you have to do is join our discord and go to the #subproof channel and send a picture of you being subscribed to /:Glitch and either wait or ping the "PING FOR VERIFY" role. Do not steal or send old subproof pictures or you will not be verified. You can also leave a vouch in our vouches channel or just read it to see what other people from our community think.

Information about the cheats

We provide alot of different type of cheats like: Memory Ghost Clients, AutoClickers, JNI Ghost Clients and Forge Ghost Clients we got them all sorted in different type of sections on our download site. Most of the cheats that we provide on our website are obfuscated meaning that they will flag your antivirus or virustotal, you can detect if a program if obfuscated by either decompiled it or checking if it shows signs of obfuscation on virustotal (This does not always occur) Read more about obfuscation on our obfuscation page.